Week Four: Happy New Year!

The calendar turned from 12 to 13, but the Pink season saw more of the same — lots of excitement, passion and goals!

The most thrilling game of the weekend was surely the U13 team’s showdown with Charlestown, which teetered back and forth for 48 minutes — neither team trailing or leading by more than a goal. While the entire U13 team stepped up huge, it was U11 siblings Chloe Kidder and Gabriella Walsh who stepped up the most. Not often does a 10-year-old play in a U14 division, but Walsh is not a normal 10-year-old. Alas, Kidder and Walsh along with U13 regulars Miriam Feldman, Katie Hays, Talia Hislop, Amy Shipe and Juliet Taylor fought hard for the duration.

Hislop led the way with five goals while Shipe tabbed two goals and a trio of helpers. Hays and Taylor were their usual awesome defensively, and Feldman’s savvy on both ends helped lift the team to a very high level. Every goal was assisted as the team shared the ball with exceptional placement and timing, but trailed 7-6 with just under 4 minutes to play.

Pink leveled the match with three minutes remaining, Hislop receiving a pass from Hays then turning into space and smashing the equalizer. With just under two minutes it was the promoted Kidder who heroically won the Match of the Week with the Goal of the Week at segundo pau after a perfect pass from Feldman.

Junior Player of the Week Gracie Gernon was instrumental on both ends of the floor for her U12 team. She played hard on defense, winning the ball back many times without tiring. She also ignited the offense with deft passing and clever moves, evading opponents all game long. Gernon recorded two of her team’s three goals while playing nearly the entire game … after having played almost the entire preceding game as well. Hard work and high quality futsal are no surprise for her.

Alumnae GameThe U18 team fell on its face to start Sunday’s match with Wolfpack Varsity, gifting two goals in the first 4 minutes. Ugh. Insert Senior Player of the Week Michelle Materna, who helped turn the 2-0 deficit into a 6-2 lead in less than 12 minutes, scoring three times off assists from three different teammates. She was so utterly dangerous that Wolfpack clobbered her inside the penalty area 10 minutes into the second half — they had a better chance stopping a PK than stopping Materna.

At Monday’s Alumnae Game, Team Yas defeated Team Laura, 11-9 as five of six players scored (Yas, Rabies and Molly Adams three apiece, Nicole Souza and Steph Kelley one each). Bia Silva blasted in six for the losing side, which also received goals from Laura, Lisa Lee and Schmidt.