Week Five : Un-Bia-lievable!

The U18 side gifted the powerful Newton Ninjas an early pair of goals on Sunday. But then Pink’s new secret weapon — Gabriella “Bia” Silva — resumed her hot streak, toe-ing home her team’s first goal and then assisting once and scoring three times in six minutes to close the half and level the match at five. Not often does the Pink bench break out chanting, but “Bia! Bia!” was uniformly shouted whilst the Ninjas shouted at themselves. The Senior Player of the Week scored six on the day (same as she had in the last Monday’s Alumnae game) to go with a pair of assists and about seven nutmegs.

Her Junior Player of the Week counterpart was every bit as efficient on the attack, scoring a ridiculous nine goals in a lopsided morning friendly where she also chipped in three assists. More importantly, Lola Koepke performed endless V’s, V-behind’s, step-overs and nutmegs in the morning game and repeated her high quality play during her afternoon league match where she demonstrated great patience and composure. Noted her coach, “Lola is always positive and attentive, has great listening skills and an exceptional eagerness to improve!”

With due respect to Rabies’ half-volley goal against Newton for the U18 team, this week’s Goal of the Week comes from a textbook. Turn to page 33, “Kick-ins” and you will find the image of Juliet Taylor taking a kick-in near the halfway line on the right side. Look at the next image and you see her passing toward Aisling LaVelle in the near attacking corner. Keep your eyes moving and you will observe LaVelle one-touching the ball toward the penalty spot to Sofia Sim. The next frame illustrates precisely how to quickly and efficiently receive the ball, turn to the weak side and lay the ball at an angle in front of your cutting teammate. Lastly, the final still show Avery Little stepping into Sim’s pass and smashing it into the goal.

Recently, the U15 side has been scoring goals at an unprecedented clip. Fitting then that it earns Match of the Week not for a double-digit outpouring but for fighting foot and nail to overcome a staunch opponent. Sarah Berube leveled the affair at one and later gave her team the lead with a late goal off a Madeline Leahy corner kick. Unfortunately, Pink turned over the ball and NEFC tied it early in the second.

It seemed like “everything is just a bit off” and the goal seemed to have that once-a-season force field and the soon-to-be all-time leading scorer appears to be wearing ice skates. Never fear, with a brave and talented goalkeeper like Meghan Majeski behind you, chances can be taken. So the team used a new, never-before used (by this team) tactic that led to a 39th minute game-winner by Caoilin Rice from Isabelle Fuchs. Olivia Austin, as recently as early December not interested in having the ball, continued her awesome improvement playing major minutes at the fixo, controlling the game well and defending flawlessly. It was a great team effort and an enormous mental success — one that bodes well with league playoffs and the regional tournament afoot.