Week Six : Storming the Storm

Coach Rabies’ U11 team played an inspired game against the Cambridge Storm last week but struggled to finish and lost a one-goal nail-biter. The same sides met against on Saturday in a league consolation match and an enthusiastic Pink team played wonderful futsal. The team played as a complete unit and won 5-1, with all seven girls contributing either a goal or an assist in the Match of the Week.

Annie Creamer scored three goals, with Jadyn Foot and Sophie Emde-Gerdine adding one apiece, and additional assists coming from Phoebe Jolly, Evie Hamor, Jordan Burton and Lola Koepke. The girls were pulling matadors everywhere, adding in step overs and v’s and making good passes. Their ball movement was at its highest point after continued hard work and improvement. Equally as important, all players were attentive on the bench and on the field. The players took what we practiced this week and put it on the field. “I am immensely proud of them, and thankful to Pink Ladies Academy player Maya Malouf for helping out,” said Coach Rabies.

The Junior Player of the Week comes from the U12 team, and in addition to leaving equipment and clothing behind at nearly every facility, she is also leaving an indelible imprint on her team’s games. Few players thus far have executed as many moves as Katie Faber, whose V and pullback aplomb sets her near the top of the move list. Coach Haley noted that Faber’s leadership and communication has been exceptional, and playing without subs is not a problem because she works so hard.

The Senior Player of the Week and Goal of the Week have not been named yet. Stay tuned …