Week Eight : Meant to be Broken

With three goals in the first half of Sunday’s league semifinal against Scorpions SC, Caoilin Rice joined Katie Abbott as only the second player in club history to score 100 goals.  On the season the skillful redhead has 22 goals and is charging toward not only the club’s all-time goal-scoring lead of 103 — which is almost certain to shatter this Sunday — but also the single-season goal-scoring high mark of 33. Set in 2008 by Marissa “The Toe” Potter, who was the first Pink weapon, and tied by Yasmine Raddassi in 2011, 33 seems futile this season …

Player 2012-13 tally
Caoilin Rice, U14/15 22 goals
Bia Silva, U18 21 goals
Isabelle Fuchs, U14/15 18 goals
Michelle Materna, U18 14 goals
Anna Rollender, GHS 14 goals

Talia Hislop may have a chance at Ellery Winkler’s junior program high of 37 goals set last winter. With 17 goals at the midpoint, it will be a challenge but it is possible.

Fitting on a week that celebrates goals that we recognize three goals as Goal of the Week.

1) “Caoilin used to do one thing — blast the ball from wherever she was standing,” recalls Coach Jason. “She didn’t really do much else. It took one brief conversation to convince her to sometimes keep and pass the ball, and from there [as a 10-year-old] she has become a truly elite futsal player. We celebrated her 100th this week, but next week she will break the career scoring record and in a couple years she will probably crack 200 career goals. Amazing”

2) “It was amazing to watch,” remarked Coach Rabies. “The girls got the ball in front of the net and Phoebe [Jolly] took a shot that rebounded to Sophie [Emde-Gerdine waiting] at the half. She stepped right to the ball and blasted it into the top left corner. Everyone erupted. It was brilliant and special to have someone who works so hard score [such a brilliant goal]!”

3) “It was me,” shouted Anna Rollender, “I scored the goal!” … “It was my assist,” argued Emily Rollender.” Both girls were correct, and of late it has been A-Rol scoring the goals and E-Rol assisting, with Sunday’s a technical marvel disappointing only because it was not caught on film. A short flick from a sister on the near touchline over the defender’s head, deflected down by a sister and volleyed sideways into the goal. Pure class. From BOTH.

Coach Haley of the u12 team was unfortunately concussed and unable to lead her team on Saturday, so Lauren Rayson and Brenda Rice stepped up to fill in. But the players were the ones who truly stepped up, challenging tough competitors from Arlington in the Match of the Week. The girls worked as a cohesive unit with great passing; they spread out and communicated increasingly well throughout the entire game.

Their hard work paid off in the form of several goals, some off of the segundo pao! Junior Player of the Week Gabby Walsh was a constant threat to the Arlington goalie, scoring a hat trick just in the first half, and was joined by Katie Faber, Gretchen Carr, Gracie Gernon and Chloe Kidder who all put balls into the net. A great goal, one of many, came from a pass from Gabby to Lauren, and finally to Gracie who finished the play beautifully. Lauren led the team in defensive effort, keeping Arlington away from the Pink goal. Gracie Sampson was a wall in net the first half, followed by strong performances from Chloe and Gretchen in the second half.

In a bit of irony, the Senior Player of the Week did not score any goals. Instead, after bravely deputizing for her fallen comrade in the middle of  the Northeast Regional Semifinal last week, she stepped back between the pipes for the League finals last Sunday. Despite not being a regular goalkeeper, Emma Della Volpe was awesome. She handled her task with great effort, courage and skill, keeping her team in an enthralling contest til the very end. For her selflessness and representing what it means to be a team player — and truly Pink — she is this week’s SPOTW!