Week Nine : Goals on Sunday

A plethora of goals were scored on Sunday as the senior teams no doubt aimed their scopes at the all-time single-season record. The GHS team waited until after half-time to finish, spotting JP Blazers a firm 4-1 half-time lead but repatriating itself at the interval to win 8-6. The side was led by Senior Player of the Week Emma Matteson, whose intensity boiled up her teammates, including Emily Rollender, whose three-goal, two-assist output led the side to its victory. Matteson added a goal of her own but it was her indelible halftime talk and subsequent walking of the walk that helped fire the GHSers as they totally dominated the second stanza. All players contributed on the pitch and on the stat sheet — a team effort (truly the operative word) with all players scoring or assisting. Helen Schmidt was strong in goal, with her communication unrivaled among Pink goalkeepers. The momentous comeback was as inspired a match as has been in recent Club history and is deservedly this week’s Match of the Week.

By the senior numbers — U14 scored 9 goals and U18 added six this Sunday. That’s 23 total goals. If you’re betting, bet on record setting.

The Junior Player of the Week is young miss Darcy Foot, who broke into the scoring columns on Saturday with her first goal and first assist of the season. Working hard on her moves throughout the season, she was a constant positive for the U9 team on Saturday as it gathered a well-played win over Brookline Lions. Foot was not the flashiest or fastest, but her improvement in quality led to her entrance on the stat sheet. Later in the day she helped out the short-handed — but not short-Foot’ed — U11 team and played with similar confidence and aplomb.

Goal of the Week honors go to captain Katie Schmidt, whose effort is unwavering but whose technique and timing are still recovering after missing all of the 2011-12 season due to knee surgery. In the 2010-11 season she was the Senior Player of the Year, as much for her hard work as for her brilliant, “how the heck” goals. The nickname Superman was indeed apt. Thus, her lone goal in Sunday’s U18 match was perhaps a fitting announcement that she may be peaking just in time for her final trip to nationals, where she is goals shy of the Club’s all-time lead on the national stage.

Oh yeah … the goal! Receiving a pass off to the left angle of the goal and facing two defenders plus the goalkeeper, she didn’t panic or pass. Instead Schmidt zigged past the first, zagged past the second and leveled a low strike past the Cambridge keeper. Super!