Week Eleven : Back to Class

Pink players put on some classy displays, with the half the team’s having been off for a fortnight. The most remarkable reunion was that of the U12 side and its coach — with Haley returning to the touchlines for a Saturday matinee and a Sunday sunrise. The girls responded as if on an episode of a starry Hollywood talent search. Loads of moves, buckets of goals and the unrivaled joie de vie provided some true highlight moments, including several Goal of the Week candidates.

  1. U14s – Isabelle Fuchs drives a long pass up the left touchline to Madeline Leahy, who turns and fires toward the penalty area to a cutting Olivia Austin, who blasts past the Newton keeper for her team’s seventh goal of the game.
  2. U11s – Goalkeeper Evie Hamor rolls the ball to Sophie Emde-Gerdine, who controls the ball with her sole and quickly turns to find Phoebe Jolly making a run up the pitch, who then hammers the ball past the helpless Cambridge keeper.
  3. U18s – As humorous goals go, little can match Michelle Materna making a long run down the center of the pitch to receive a fine serve from Lisa Lee, but as “Meesh” receives and turns to score the Brookline keeper runs out and the two fall down in a heap. Entangled, they sort of exchange an awkward hug to the glee of the Pink bench.
  4. U12s – The team went on an aerial binge this weekend, scoring two headers and one volley, all different players. However, Saturday’s takes the team cake as Gabby Walsh flicked a corner kick over opposing heads to the cutting Hayden Monahan darting toward the goal for the glorious header. And by a hair the winner of the Goal of the Week.

Fabes, Chloe, Lauren, Gabby & Hayden cheered on the coaches team Sunday!

Jolly’s goal was one of five she scored in her team’s 6-2 victory over rival Cambridge Storm. Seldom do players score a quintet in a game, and she has now done it twice in a season. In recognition of her exceptional effort, her quality on the pitch and scoring five goals in a game, Phoebe Jolly is the Junior Player of the Week.

The Senior Player of the Week is one of the most vocal goalkeepers the Club has ever heard from. An organized nonpareil, Helen Schmidt was called “an animal,” and “a monster” by her coach. While such allegorical comparisons might seem harsh, they are apt to describe a goalkeeper who consistently put her body in harm’s way for the betterment of her team on Sunday — one who went “face first” into opponents in order to collect balls and make saves.

No subs. Almost bedtime. Playing a very good team that has ample subs. And your usual coach is not there.

Recipe for getting clobbered, right? Not if you’re Pink Ladies Futsal Club’s first-ever U9 team. If that’s you, you turn in a Match of the Week performance and illustrate your class! And win 7-3.

“Every girl was working hard and pulling her weight,” said Coach Rabies, who aptly filled in for Coach Katie. “Cecily Torres had numerous drives down the line, beating 2, 3, 4 players to take it almost all the way down the court and made a number of Cruyffs and matadors. Charlotte Beakley (3 goals, 1 assist) had some excellent flicks up the line and always looked dangerous on the attack. All three keepers had good distribution. Darcy Foot kept to the line and made good passes up the court. Nia (Hislop; 3 goals, 1 assist) was Nia, powering through everyone. Skylar Smith (1 goal, 2 assists) was awesome on both sides of the ball. They all worked hard with no subs and were energetic the entire game.”