Week Thirteen : Penultimate

Winning can be quantified in different ways:

  1. Score more goals than your opponent so as to have a higher total at the end of the game. The U11 team accomplished that in this week’s semifinal match against Arlington, winning their way into the finals 5-3 behind an outstanding team effort in which five of six players scored goals and the sixth player added an assist. And every goal was assisted. This Match of the Week saw Coach Rabies’ team win the highest praise from its mentor: “This was a team that last session didn’t qualify for semi finals, and this session is heading to the finals. They all listened well and were constantly talking. The girls were amazing and played with only one sub, and I’m so, so proud of them.”
  2. Play better futsal than your opponent, even if the other team scores more goals. The U12 team demonstrated a shin ball clinic against Brookline Hurricanes but couldn’t muster as many goals (though they did win the post-hitting contest). Said Gabby Walsh after the match, “We won that game!”
  3. Compete in one of the most dramatic, exciting games in recent memory. The U13 team came back from an early deficit in a match with LPDA that teetered until the final moments when a Talia Hislop cross-court shin nearly fell for Miriam Feldman to volley home at the death. It was just one of those awesome, amazing, intense, sporting games that all players and spectators were privileged to be a part of.
  4. Crushing opponents in doubleheaders, despite being without your second-leading scorer. That’s what the coaches team did, earning its place in Sunday’s league finals — and other than an unfortunate injury to debutante Brenda Rice — it was a bandwagon day for the club elders.

Four Pink Ladies teams will compete in league championships this weekend, starting with U9/KS at 9:30 and U11/EM at 10:30 on Saturday and concluding with Coaches at 8 and U14 at 1 on Sunday. All games will be played in Park 2.

Junior Player of the Week Talia Hislop needed 4 goals to set a new all-time junior goals record, 7 goals to break the single-season junior goals record and 7 points to break the single-season junior points record. So she scored seven goals, broke three records and has her sights set on tallying four points in her final match to break the all-time junior points mark (Caoilin Rice, 113). Hislop’s seven-pack of goals nearly propelled her team into the finals, and it wasn’t a matter of whether she would score but of how many and could she outscore the whole of Lexington!

Additional statistical commendation to Katie Hays, who assisted on four of those goals and broke the single-season junior assist record!

Senior Player of the Week Haley Fradkin scored a top goal of the week candidate with her one-time, low-par-post scorcher in Sunday’s first Coaches game. But her excellent defensive composure is a large reason why the Coaches team won both games to clinch first place and a spot in the league championship match. Though not often on the scoreboard, Fradkin leads in all ways and is the team’s most reliable defensive presence as teammates foray forward to pillage goals. In addition, her effort, attitude and enthusiasm nearly lifted the U18 side to a comeback victory in its semifinal later in the day.

Goal of the Week goes to Darcy Foot, after receiving a pass along the touchline she penetrated down the line and struck the ball across the goalkeeper into the far corner of the goal, her second tally of the season. The goal helped lock up her team’s bid for first place in its group and secure a spot in Saturday’s title game.