Q My daughter plays for _____ Soccer Club/Team. Can she join Pink Ladies Futsal Club?

A Absolutely! Just about every player in the program’s history has been on the roster of one or more outdoor soccer teams, be they local town organizations or expensive soccer clubs. Our core programming is all-inclusive, taking place between the outdoor soccer seasons. We only ask that you commit to the Pink Ladies program during the winter and not wear soccer club gear for futsal.

Q Can an Academy player play in some games?

A No. Training players are ineligible to play in league matches. They may be invited to participate in tournaments at the discretion of the coaching staff. There may also be a friendly on an occasion or two, but most definitely nothing regular.

Q What kit items are compulsory?

A For matches, all players must wear the Pink Ladies Futsal Club kit. Additional/replacement items can be ordered.

A For training, all players must wear white t-shirts. Logos and names of other youth soccer teams/clubs are not permitted. Shinguards are worn by junior players but not seniors.

Q Are futsal shoes mandatory?

A All senior and EPF players must wear proper futsal shoes. Juniors and Academy players are strongly encouraged to wear proper futsal shoes but may also wear soccer flats. No player may wear sneakers at any time. See below for more.

Q Why are proper futsal shoes important?

A Futsal shoes are made for playing futsal. They are specifically designed for the sport and provide players the opportunity to get the absolutely most out of the experience. They offer exceptional  touch, torsion, traction and toe and are lightweight and colorful – all elements that allow excellence. We are excited to offer multiple varieties of pink futsal shoes.

Q What time are players required to arrive for training and matches?

A Players must be present a minimum of 30 minutes prior to kick-off. For training, players are encouraged to turn up 15 minutes in advance.

Q Are there tryouts for the teams?

A There are no tryouts for the junior program, senior program or academy program — these programs are filled on a first-register-and-pay-first-served basis. The EPF program is filled by invitation and if necessary, tryout. The core requirement for players in all programs is they must be hardworking and respectful.

Q How long has Pink Ladies Futsal Club been around?

A The first Pink Ladies team gathered before the 2004-05 futsal season. It had so much fun during that winter it increased to three senior teams and added the FC at the end prior to the 2005-06 season.

Q Where are the matches played?

A It somewhat depends on the schedule, but generally speaking … junior teams will play in Brookline, Newton, Dedham, Lexington, Concord, Lowell and Woburn. Senior and adult teams will play in Brookline and Newton. EPF teams play at the aforementioned facilities plus others in Southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Addresses and maps are available on our facilities page.

Q What are the adult teams?

A Pink Ladies FC oversees three adult team groups: men’s teams, women’s teams and co-ed teams. All compete on Sundays.

Q My child was a training player last year and is moving to the match team this year. What fee schedule do we use?

A There are two options. You can register her as a new match team player and she will receive a new ball. Or you can enroll as a returning player and separately order a new jersey.

Q Can we order a __________?

A Yes, please use the gear page. All items can be ordered there, save for futsal shoes — those must be tried on first. Items ordered prior to December are discounted as listed – orders after Oct. 15 may be subject to additional fee. Let us know if you have any questions.

Q Can we yell at our kids while they are playing?

A No. This will only retard their development. Please allow your child to make decisions independently. Over the course of a session, a season, multiple years you will see immense development. If you do not allow her to make mistakes, you do not allow her to succeed. The best players are those who are not afraid to fail and whose parents aren’t either.

Q Can we yell at the referees?

A No. Please do not do this.

Q How can I become a futsal referee?

A Visit www.massref.net and enroll in the new futsal referee course in Natick on Aug. 25 or Oct. 27.

Q Is there a wait list?

A Once all available spots are filled, registration closes and the wait list opens. Players may wish to register for another available program option while remaining on the wait list.

Q What is the history of the fees?

A Pink Ladies FC registration costs had remained the same from 2007-2010. Unfortunately, slight increases were necessary in 2011 and in 2013 to keep the lights on. For the 2015-16 season all players will receive a new kit (jersey, shorts, socks) so there is one player fee (no different fee for returning players and new players as typical … that will return for the 2016-17 season).

Q What is your refund policy?

A Please refer to the policies information at the bottom of the programs page.

Q Who made this web site?

A Nina Johannessen of Blue Iris Web Design in Lexington.

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